Why men prefer Mumbai escorts over an actual girlfriend?

Escorts have been around since the dawn of time. Their business is always demand-driven and they don’t face depression or a lack of clients. In this age of paper thin marriages and as more relationships end up down the drain, the relationship between men and escorts is stronger than ever. Relationship experts, and us, seek to find out why more men are choosing to go to Mumbai escorts than to build meaningful relationships with available women. Here is why.

Why men prefer Mumbai escorts over an actual girlfriend?

Mumbai Escorts are always convenient

Our current lifestyles and career choices make it very difficult for people to find time to date. More and more people are practically “married to their jobs”. Additionally, most companies frown upon intra-office relationships so they poor lads pulling 16-hour days at the office have no choice than to go for escorts. Maanyata, a female Mumbai escorts says about 90 percent of her clients are single working-class guys who simply don’t have the time to date. They like the convenience of calling a hot girl who will show up on time and proceed to a night of fun with no hassle or haggling.

Why men prefer Mumbai escorts over an actual girlfriend?

Abrasive Personalities

Everyone knows at least one person who despite their looks, social status, and financial standing, they just can’t seem to learn how to relate to people. There are people who offend literally everyone with every single word that comes out of their mouth. Who says such people don’t crave companionship just like everyone else? Ragini, an independent Mumbai escort talked to us about one such client. She says at first, she had the mind to drop him as a client but she later grew to understand him and realized that he was simply socially inept. She learned to create a relaxing mood which inevitably makes the client relax and less abrasive.

Why men prefer Mumbai escorts over an actual girlfriend?

Prude Girlfriends

Almost all the men in relationships who go to escorts do so because their girlfriends are prudes. Girlfriends who are constantly saying I can’t do this or that in the bedroom ultimately drive their men to escorts. Georgia, an independent Mumbai escorts advises women to be more flexible and generous in the bedroom. If more women acted like escorts to their men, the escort business would be in jeopardy. Instead, women want to dictate what happens and are not open to suggestions or new adventures in bed which makes their men feel like they are not being heard.

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